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  • July birthstone Ruby

    There’s a lot of history behind birthstones and ruby in particular. It's one of the most well-recognized gems. Ancient Hindu culture held Ruby in high regard. In fact, many ancient cultures believed in the divine properties of the gemstone ruby. Let’s dive in and take a look at what it means to be a July baby and how this red gem relates to your psyche and your deepest self.
  • Complete Guide to Gemstones

    A complete guide to all of the gemstones used in our jewelry, organized alphabetically to help you find the perfect jewel. And we also allude to the metaphysical properties of each stone. The alchemy of gemstones, crystals, and minerals has been in practice for thousands of years and working these materials
  • A Complete Guide to Birthstones

    The ultimate birthstone chart guide that unlocks the deeper meaning of each birthstone color, highlighting the personality traits behind each gemstone from the January birthstone all the way through the December birthstone.
  • Our Complete Style Guide to Gold Hoop Earrings

    The right pair of gold hoop earrings is a fashion staple. Gold hoop earrings are an accessory for every day and on all occasions. We understand the importance
  • Emerald Jewelry

    Emerald jewelry for your loved one on Mother’s Day? A perfect gift for wedded bliss. A self gift of emerald beads to wrap around your neck or wrist?
  • Gold Earrings

    From studs to hoops and classic to Bohemian, there is a gold earring for every type of style. So, let’s take a look at different types of personal styles and tie in some gold earring designs.
  • June Birthstone: Moonstone, Pearl & Alexandrite

    If you or a loved one were born in the month of June, you actually have three birthstones to choose from: moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite. Each June birthstone has its own unique beauty, meaning, and come
  • We are mentioned in the August issue of Southern Jewelry News.

    What’s hot now! Atlanta August SJTA Show The hottest trends. The newest looks. They were all there at the August Atlanta Jewelry Show. A preview of what’s selling now, what your customers are looking for in Fall/Winter 09: Interchangeable Is In From Pandora to Trollbeads, anything with interchangeable components are flying off the shelves. Your […]
  • May birthstone

    Those born in the month of May have plenty to boast about. In many areas of the world, this is the time of year when Spring begins to turn to Summer, bringing warmer weather, blooming flowers, and freer spirits. In the United States, it’s when we celebrate Mother’s Day, and when Memorial Day weekend serves as the kick-off to summer break.
  • Reversible huggie earrings

    Huggie hoop earrings are a jewelry wardrobe staple—and if you’re a Nina Nguyen collector, huggie earrings are particularly essential because they’re the foundation for our signature earring hoop charms. Everything starts with the hoop! Each reversible huggie hoop is made with two types of gemstones—one set faces out, and you just flip the hoop around for a completely different look. Think: moonstones for day, and emeralds for a night out.